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Zulfiqar Frames

Zulfiqar Frames
Zulfiqar Frames
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  • Model: ZT-01

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Size: 32inch X 15inch

Material: Fiber Frame with Unbreakble Glass

Type Of Work: All Handmade with Pieces Inside in Silver

Details: Zulfiqar Imam Ali (as) has been placed inside a Box Frame to make it a different and Punjatan Names on Top. It looks very elegant when you place it on wall. It has to holders to hang on wall easily. It also has unbreakble glass covering to protect it from dust. 

Color Combination: Black Velvet Or Red Velvet in Background (Please Inform us at the time of Order so we can send you according to your choice)

Shipping Details: Zulfiqar is packed properly with to ensure safe delivery.

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